Welcome to envisage!

16 March 2009

When was the last time you saw something that moved you?

Did the image solicit a lone tear, or a torrent, or maybe you were impassioned towards action – regardless, you felt something, because you saw something that connected with you at a deeper level.

envisage will be a place to explore the power behind strong visual communication. We’ll take a look into online examples of what works and what perhaps misses its mark. It’s a chance too, for you to share examples of strong images and video that have moved you in some way. An ad, a film, a photo…

We’ve all seen examples of imagery that can grab a headline…  A man with a shopping bag facing down a line of tanks. A mother burying her only child in an unmarked field. A stockpile of human bones lined up in Rwanda. The earth from space. A tiny hand grasping on to the surgeon’s finger through its mother’s open womb.

An image can crumble a nation, or unite people beyond borders. With that much power at our fingertips, it might come in handy to explore how visual media can effect and influence its viewers.

Again, welcome to envisage. I’m looking forward to bringing you some great examples of powerful visual communications just as much as I’m keen on hearing, seeing and feeling those which have connected with you.

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  1. Nadia Habib

    Its the most shocking and sad images that usually sear in our memories. Most of the Pulitzer Prize winning images are just that – check them out at http://www.worldsfamousphotos.com/tag/pulitzer

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