Goodbye ‘envisage’ – Hello ‘All About Online Video’

01 October 2009

After a solid hiatus, I’m back in a renamed and repurposed blog…  The “envisage” blog was a great experiment for me, but I’m now keen to blog with more intent and purpose than previously.

Enter, “All About Online Video”…

I’m a Producer as well as a PR Consultant and am quite passionate at having these two worlds collide together. The world of video production could learn more from the focus on messaging and outcome that PR can bring, and PR can benefit from the additional layers of communication and engagement that video can provide.

It’s into this communications environment that this blog will delve. If you’re someone who has been asked to produce, edit, shoot or market a video online, then you will find some useful resources here as the weeks progress. If you’re in a communications role and are wondering how to incorporate video into your campaigns and thinking, then you’ll be find a few pointers here as well.

In the next few months, I’ll be covering areas such as how to make a brief, choosing the right video format, what tools to use and choosing the right style to match your core message. If you have areas of interest you’d like me to explore, I’m open to suggestions, criticisms and comments.

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