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One of the perennial festival favourites for me is TropFest. Billed as the world’s largest short-film festival, its premise is clear – submit an original film less than seven minutes in length, containing a reference to the ‘signature item’ which changes from year to year. 16 finalists are chosen from the 600+ original entries and are broadcast to the public at the main screening at a park in Sydney, and simulcast to other cities around Australia.

Over the past 15 or so years, what began as an idea in a Sydney café, has become an important part of the Australian cultural calendar and a haven for budding film-makers all keen on capturing that ‘big idea’ on video.

This year’s festival was no exception with 16 great short films, but the one that stayed in my mind afterwards, wasn’t one of these… it was the winning entry from TropFest’s first international short film festival held in New York at the end of 2008.

The winning film-maker used only a mobile phone to capture visuals across Sydney and New York. It isn’t big budget – it isn’t all that steady – but it is powerful in telling the story of homelessness in both cities.

I hope you enjoy it is as much as I did. Anyway, let me know your thoughts… Does it move you too? What works (or doesn’t) for you?

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