All About Online Video » message A blog for people who shoot, edit, produce or market online video Fri, 16 Oct 2009 07:24:44 +0000 en hourly 1 Black is the new black… Wed, 01 Apr 2009 07:13:57 +0000 Adam Sparke Earth Hour has come and gone for another year, and the pictures from around the world have been amazing. If you’ve been hiding under a rock and don’t know much about it – the concept is pretty simple. Turn off your lights and as much power as you can for an hour to support the cause of greater awareness around climate change.

From chats with my friends and after checking out a few online networks and discussion forums, I was surprised by the level of scepticism I encountered with the idea behind Earth Hour. A few of them said things like, “Oh, they think they are doing so good turning lights out for an hour, but the power needed to turn them all back on would easily outweigh any benefit.”

Now I’m not an electrician, and that’s probably just as well with a last name like Sparke, but I think the benefit of Earth Hour goes way beyond a small drop in the electricity grid usage.

This is effective and powerful visual communication at its best. Light, by which we derive colours and the sight of all things visual, is most conspicuous by its absence. And absent it was in more than 2848 cities in 83 countries around the world. Icons that blaze against the nighttime landscape such as the Sydney Opera House, Christ the Redeemer statue, Tower of Eiffel, Big Ben and the Birdcage stadium in Beijing, all disappeared from view as Earth Hour came around. (Check out the video below of the landmarks powering down…)

To me I see it as a really clear message that individuals can make a difference towards climate change. Personally, I found that after the first Earth Hour I was challenged to make some changes at home with my own personal electricity consumption and the number of devices I had left plugged in, on and around. My own personal awareness has definitely increased since the first Earth Hour in 2007, and I find I am leaving lights on less, and swapping normal wattage bulbs for the more efficient ones. Every bit counts…

My Top Five things to do to celebrate Earth Hour
1. Moonlight picnic
- I’m lucky to live in Sydney where the views of Earth Hour by the harbour make a moonlight picnic an awesome experience
2. Make your move by moonlight – Find a restaurant participating in Earth Hour (candle-light dining) and take a romantic interest you’d like to develop a little further…
3. Meditate - enjoy the ‘quiet’ of lights out and meditate in a public space. The vibe of a well-chosen location can be quite inspiring
4. Get “observatorying” - enjoy the clarity of the night sky and for those of you who live in the city, why not see what stars look like…
5. Host a “black-out” party - the theme becomes pretty obvious, but there are plenty of variations to be had for the imaginative…

Have you changed your habits because of Earth Hour? Or did you do something fun to celebrate? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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