Ampersand – October 2009

05 October 2009

This edition’s single theme is the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in December. As with the COP 15 meeting itself, our articles reflect diverse views from different parts of the world.

  • From Copenhagen itself, Nicolaj Egerod believes that this will be a watershed event for businesses as Green goes mainstream
  • In US and the Sustainable Century, our Washington contributor, Chad Tragakis, looks at the Obama effect on US green thinking
  • San Francisco based Josh Reynolds, our global Tech practice head, thinks Economy trumps Environment
  • From Beijing, John Holden points to the change in Chinese Govt thinking on climate change as China embraces Sustainability
  • Guest writer Awo Ablo of the BBC World Service Trust, highlights the important role multi-national companies can play in African environmental communications in Africa Talks Climate

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Paul Taaffe
Chairman and Chief Executive, Hill & Knowlton

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