Best of Ampersand – January 2010

13 January 2010

The last year of the noughties was pivotal in many ways: Barack Obama was inaugurated as the President of the US; we had the worst global recession since the 1930’s; two key emerging nations, Iran and India, held two very different elections; the rise of social media continued apace and Twitter emerged as a political force; Beijing became the official world capital of growth; and Copenhagen became the temporary ‘world’ capital of a climate change debate where biggest proved loudest.

Here is a selection of the most-read articles in Ampersand 2009. They address issues which were top-of-mind then and are with us still in 2010.

The next, wholly new, edition of Ampersand will be issued soon. As always we welcome feedback on topics you would like to see covered.

Paul Taaffe
Chairman and Chief Executive, Hill & Knowlton

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