MaryLee Sachs

A judge in this year’s Cannes PR Lions, MaryLee Sachs is worldwide head of the H&K Marketing Communications practice, Chairman of Hill & Knowlton USA.

A member of the H&K Global Council, MaryLee has over 25 years experience in consumer marketing and is a member of the Marketing 50. Resident in the UK for 17 years, she previously worked in public relations in her home state of California.

MaryLee is a board member of the Flagrant Foundation, a nonprofits organization whose mission is to increase the number of ethnic minorities in the fields of advertising, marketing and PR. She also is a partner with the Partnership of New York City.

MaryLee holds a BA degree in Journalism/PR with a minor in Marketing/Business Administration from San Diego State University, and taught courses in International Public Relations for Syracuse University’s London campus for over 10 years.

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