The Hunt for Better Investor Relations Starts Today

02 May 2007

Hello everyone.  My name is Anil and I am an IR geek.  I follow stocks….too many stocks.  I get excited about quarterly earnings announcements.  I get a kick out of analyzing situations that cause volatility in a company’s share price.  I lie awake at night thinking of the next big M&A deal that may appear in the headlines, and the subsequent reaction from the Street.

Let’s face it….I need help….
So I have turned to blogging for that help.

Welcome to the Anil Dilawri blog on investor relations.  I will be providing regular commentary on the wild and crazy world of IR.  The blog will also get into how effective investor relations can add/protect millions upon millions of dollars in market capitalization for a company. 
I welcome your comments and collective conversation.

Let the games begin!

2 Responses to “The Hunt for Better Investor Relations Starts Today”

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Anil, glad to see you’re on board, and looking forward to what’s in your head…

  2. Cherie Payne

    Good to hear there’s more to come.  Once upon a time I did a stint as a financial news journalist for a dot com.  (ahhhh, the dot com era – talk about highs and lows.)

    But even though these days it’s the volatility on the Hill, as opposed to the markets, that keeps me up at night, stories like home town favourite lululemon going public can still get my inner securities geek clapping with glee.

    Looking forward to tuning back in.

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