Volatile Markets

14 August 2007

The financial markets continued their streak of volatility this week with today looking like another tripleStockmarketcrash digit loss for North American markets. These are tough days for investor relations professionals, especially given the short-term focus of many institutional investors.

So, what do good, stable, high-quality companies do when the macro-economic environment is so challenging?

In short – keep your cool, don’t panic, and stick to your message. Days like these are why so much emphasis should be put on the investor message. Your company has a plan, it intends on sticking to that plan and executing that plan. Your company has been through difficult economic environments before. Give investors some evidence/confidence that your company has the wherewithal to make it through a tough and volatile market.

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  1. Anil Dilawri

    This week I wrote about the volatility of the markets and the toll it can take on companies. One of my

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