Getting Emotional About Money

10 September 2007

I love Jim Cramer.  He’s the undisputed king of what I call Wall St. entertainment.Mad_money_2 

In a world where professional money managers state that a key to success is taking the emotion out of investing, Jim Cramer is injecting emotion right back into investing.

Every now and then I have an opportunity to watch Mad Money (Jim’s CNBC show).  I watch it for entertainment purposes, and only for entertainment purposes.  I never buy or sell a stock based solely on what Jim says.  Unfortunately, a lot of retail investors can’t say the same.  Jumping on a hot stock pick from a smart and enthusiastic Wall St. veteran is just too much temptation for too many people.

Recent articles have been published that state Cramer’s picks are less than stellar and that the broader market indexes tend to outperform his picks.

Even the so-called experts don’t always get it right.

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