The Classics

21 September 2007

5 months ago I started this blog.  Yesterday I took a quick look back at some of the topics and comments from the past.  It quickly dawned on me that this week we saw some significant events that make it worth re-visiting some posts from the past (the classics).

This week the Canadian dollar reached parity with the US dollar for the first time since 1976.  Just a few short months ago we were talking about the Canadian dollar moving past $0.93.  Here’s the post.  Now we are at parity and the US dollar shows few signs of slowing its downward spiral.

Today, Google’s share price hit another all-time high.  This past May, we talked about how Google was truly one of the most fascinating companies the world has seen.  Here’s the post.  This company’s stock price seems unstoppable.

Finally, this week the US Federal Reserve cut interest rates and the stock market surged in response.  Just last week we talked about how emotional Jim Cramer got about interest rates.  Here’s the post.  More importantly, here’s the clip of Cramer putting emotion back into investing (one of my favorite market clips of all time).  Something tells me Cramer was pretty satisfied with the Federal Reserve’s actions this week.

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