Shhhhh – It’s Quiet Period

28 September 2007

Prior to IPOs and any financial results announcement companies go through what is usually called a “quietQuiet period”.  Quiet periods are designed so that members of company management don’t engage in what is called selective and unfair disclosure.  Selective and unfair disclosure is a fancy term for management spilling the beans about important company information before the general public is aware of that information.  The most famous and recent case of a quiet period misstep was Google’s interview with Playboy ahead of their 2004 IPO.

The problem that I have seen with quiet periods over the years is that there are no standards.  I know of companies who have a 3 or 4 day quiet period before a quarterly earnings call, and others who have a 3 week quiet period.  Some companies are willing to communicate with the investment community about certain areas of the business during a quiet period while others go completely dark.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate the fact that every company and every sector is different and that these differences need to be taken into consideration when setting quiet periods.  I also appreciate that more regulation in the public markets is the last thing anyone needs.  However, what I think would be useful for public companies and investors are some formal guidelines on quiet periods.  It can only help in the quest for truly fair disclosure.

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