The Master Communicator

05 October 2007

I was recently asked who I felt was the best CEO when it came to investor communications.  For me Cisco there are a few gold standard candidates, however, the overall winner is John Chambers of Cisco.

Why John Chambers?

One only needs to listen to any recent Cisco earnings call and hear how he handles the Q&A session.  He’s smooth, he’s factual, he’s inspiring, and he’s either insanely intelligent or insanely prepared (likely both).

He knows the market.
He knows his business.
He knows how his business can continue to capitalize on the market.

Here’s a clip of a short interview with Chambers.  Even though the topic of conversation isn’t about investor relations he relates the topic (corporate social responsibility) back to driving company revenue and enhancing operations.  Listen to the completeness of his answers.  Listen to the facts and figures that he rhymes off.  Notice how prepared he is for the broad range of questions fired at him during a 5 minute interview.

Love him or hate him, John Chambers is obscenely good at communicating with the investment community.  I believe every IR professional and CEO can learn from just watching and listening to him.

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  2. John Earnhardt

    Very nice to hear this about our CEO.  We like him.  Thought you might be interested in one of his newest forms of communications…blogs.  He’s not going to be a regular written contributor to our blogs at Cisco, but he will do fairly regular video blog updates.

    His first written one, today, is about the all-important topic of collaboration.  See here,

  3. Anil Dilawri

    Thanks for the link, John.  Cisco is clearly a leader when it comes to digital communications and social media that assist with investor relations.  I especially like Cisco’s executive thought leadership website and the video message to shareholders, featuring Chambers.

    Very innovative.



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