The World is a Small Place

01 February 2008

It has been an interesting start to 2008.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 4.6% since the start Globe of the year, the US Federal Reserve has dramatically cut interest rates in an attempt to stop the bleeding, the US dollar continues to be beaten down, and the US seems headed for a recession.

At the same time, China, India, and other significant emerging markets continue to predict robust growth for 2008.

As IR departments look to develop communication strategies going into Q2 of 2008 the focus needs to be on two elements:

1) How is our company able to handle the volatile economic environment in the US for the remainder of 2008?
2) To what extent have we hedged the effect of a weak US economy with diversified revenue from other areas of the world?

Analysts and shareholders will undoubtedly be focusing on “macro economic factors” when commenting on individual stocks.  It is IR’s job to show the Street that “macro” means more than just the United States when it comes to their individual company.

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