Are we in a Recession or Not?

18 April 2008

This week Intel, Google, IBM, and Caterpillar all announced impressive financial results.  Meanwhile GE and Wachovia came up short.Recession
Google stock is up 20% today.
GE was down 13% last Friday.

Some bellwether stocks are disappointing while others are hitting it out of the park.
So is the economy in good shape or not?

Warren Buffett seems to think we are in trouble, so why are some doing so well?

These are the questions most investors are asking themselves as they attempt to pick the winners and losers in today’s stock market (and this is clearly a stock-pickers market).

Investor relations professionals take note – is your company a winner or loser in this market?  If it is a winner, are you getting the word out, do investors truly appreciate your winning ways, and do they understand why you are winning?  If it is a loser, how do you mitigate future risk and help stop the bleeding from a communications standpoint?

If you don’t have an IR strategy in this turbulent market, create one…

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