Continuous Improvement – It Makes a Difference

15 October 2009

Intel – the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker and technology bellwether – maybe you’ve heard of them.

Intel announced stellar Q3 results this week.

As part of the quarterly results process they did something new and innovative. Following the release of the quarterly results they also released CFO commentary for the quarter. Such commentary was traditionally delivered during the prepared remarks portion of the conference call.

From the Street’s perspective, this move was significant for a couple of reasons:

1) It gave the Street more time to digest the commentary surrounding the financial results, thus allowing analysts to ask better and more informed questions during the call.  2) It allowed for more time during the call for questions from analysts.

Intel also adopted the ever more common practice of allowing only one question per analyst in the queue. This is something that makes a lot of sense for a company that has 44 sell-side analysts covering it.

Intel was praised numerous times during the conference call for the new call process.

Sometimes the biggest and the best remain that way because they refuse to stand still and are always looking to improve.

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