Bench Strength

13 May 2010

I was recently reminded about leading an investor perception audit for a company a while ago.  The Street had great things to say about the company and its management team.  A significant take away from the audit was the Street wanted exposure to the bench strength of the management team (i.e. managers other than the CEO and CFO).

Maybe the Street thinks the CEO is great and they know him well.  Maybe they think the CFO is very competent and meet with him regularly. But what about everyone else?

How about introducing the investment community to others on your management team?

The Senior VP of Innovation

The Chief Information Officer

The VP of Drilling and Exploration

The Senior VP of Sales and Marketing

The Head of Human Resources

The VP of Business Development

The Head of Product Management

Or others that you know will impress an analyst or dazzle a buy-sider.

I’m not saying you should make these managers your IR front men.  I mean have them present at an investor conference every now and then (or co-present with your CEO), have them talk during corporate visits, even inviting them to speak at the occasional quarterly earnings call.

Don’t get me wrong, CEOs, CFOs, and COOs are all important and the Street wants to hear from them.  However, the Street is well aware that a CEO is often only as good as the team that surrounds him/her.

Show off your management bench strength. The Street will appreciate it.

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