Mr. Website and IR Staff

22 June 2010

Websites are a popular topic of discussion with investor relations officers (IROs).

How do we improve ours?

Do we have the right content?

How much money should we spend on the site?

How much time should we spend worrying about the site?

These are just a few of the strategic questions that are voiced by IROs.  They are tough questions to answer.

Let’s take a step back and not look at our IR websites as tools. Instead, just for the next few minutes, let’s look at our IR website as a member of our team (an IR staff member).

Now, let’s ask ourselves the following:

Are we happy with what our staff member is saying to the audience?

Are they credible?

Are they conveying up-to-date information?

From the audiences’ point of view, is there value in what the IR staff member is saying?

Am I comfortable with this staff member talking directly to the Street?

Will the audience want to continue talking to this staff member on a regular basis?

Whether we like it or not, our IR website is a virtual staff member.  They represent the company in the same way a member of our IR team does.

My point here is that IR websites matter.  They are important.  They deserve your time, your attention, and your resources.

Perspective point #1: When is the last time you personally invested in a stock without visiting the company’s website?  I hope, for your sake, it wasn’t recent.  Think about every new investor (institutional or retail) who is considering investing in your company this year and what impression they will be left with after visiting your website.

Perspective point #2: How many face-to-face institutional investor meetings has your CEO conducted over the past year?  Probably a lot.  Now, how many institutional investors do you think visited your website this past year?  Probably more than the number that met with your CEO.  Conclusion: your IR website probably gets more face time then your CEO.

2 Responses to “Mr. Website and IR Staff”

  1. Stefan Pettersson

    Great post. Most IR websites are just dumb archives with key messages buried deep down in PDF documents.

  2. Anil Dilawri

    Thanks Stefan. It’s true. Not nearly enough time, energy, and resources are dedicated to IR websites to make them real IR assets for companies.

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