IRO – the jack of all trades

12 August 2010

It’s not easy being an IRO. An IRO needs to be the jack of all trades within an organization.

Finance – being able to walk the walk when it comes to discussing financial metrics and financial analysis with

shareholders and analysts.

Marketing – developing the right strategy for communicating with the Street through events, roadshows, conference, calls, and more.

Sales – convincing the buy-side and the sell-side that your company is better than the competition, can deliver on the promised strategy, has the management team to execute, and can deliver the kind of results that will drive shareholder value.

Human resource management – being able to decide which members of the team (beyond the CEO and CFO) should (and should not) be exposed to the investment community.

Information technology – driving an effective web presence to ensure the right information gets to the public at the right time. Driving innovation through social media deployments and staying on the cutting edge of fair disclosure and communications.

Operations – being able to intelligently discuss the inner workings of the business and providing the depth of knowledge that the Street needs.

It takes someone special to be an IRO. Your company is lucky to have you.

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