Maintainers and Innovators in IR

24 September 2010

When it comes to investor relations I would say that the vast majority of companies are what I call “maintainers”.

Maintainers plan and execute many IR functions such as earnings releases, earnings calls, road shows, answering investor calls, maintaining a website, and helping executive management when needed.

Then there’s the “innovators”. These are companies and IROs brave enough to take the IR function to a different level – where IR functions actually get noticed and make a difference.

MOSAID Technologies is an innovator. One only needs to take a look at their Investor Channel to see how they are taking their traditional press releases and earning releases to a different level through the use of video. The result is captivating visual message that is targeted directly at the investment community.

Was it easy? No.

Was the rest of the world doing it? No.

Was it tradition (maintainer) IR? Not even close.

Was it compliant from a regulatory standpoint? Absolutely.

Was it effective? You tell me. Do you find the video more compelling than a traditional press release?

So, what are you, an IR maintainer or innovator?

Full Disclosure – MOSAID Technologies is a client of H&K Canada.

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