Welcome to ARcade!

01 September 2006

Welcome to the inaugural post on ARcade, the official blog of Hill & Knowlton’s Global Analyst Relations Practice.

First and foremost, ARcade is a forum for mutual learning about all things AR.  We will discuss issues that impact AR practitioners, the technology vendors we represent, and the industry analysts with whom we partner.  We will review the latest developments in the analyst landscape, propose best practices for working with analysts and technology executives, and share lessons learned from fantastic mistakes. 

Perhaps most importantly, we will expand the understanding of the power of AR and its impact on sales, marketing and corporate valuation.  (And it starts with making sure the general technology marketing community understands that industry analysts provide far more value than a quote in a press release or an endorsement on a web site.)

At Hill & Knowlton, we believe that the real value of analyst relations comes from a very simple three-part formula: listen, think, persuade, repeat.  (Okay, four parts.) That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in our AR capabilities.  We subscribe to research and have inquiry access with analysts from AMR, Forrester, Gartner, IDC, JupiterKagan and Yankee Group.  We boast a 7-person full-time AR team in the U.S., a 4-person  full-time AR team in Europe, and part-time AR resources in APAC and Latin America. 

Four of us are ex-analysts (3 from Gartner) with more than 50 years of AR experience between us. One of us has a master’s degree in Library Science and has managed our analyst firm contracts for 8 years. And ALL of us are full-time AR specialists who spend most of our time conducting analyst inquiries, testing messages and marketing strategems, and transforming market insights into measurable results for tech vendors.  We’ve worked with vendors ranging from the tech giants your parents would recognize to innovative start-ups you’ll be reading about next year.

August 2006 marks the third anniversary since our practice was founded with one gutsy investment hire in San Francisco.  Today, we are fiercely proud to add our voices to the global community of AR professionals who drive sales, boost corporate valuation, and accelerate marketing for their clients and companies.

Welcome to ARcade.  Let’s get to it.

Joshua Reynolds
Senior Vice President
Messaging, Positioning and Analyst Relations
Hill & Knowlton

14 Responses to “Welcome to ARcade!”

  1. Bruno Soares

    Proud to have you, Joshua. Will be reading…

  2. Leo Bottary


  3. Ted Graham

    Welcome to the blogger brigade. I’ll be interested to hear about the variations in your practice from region to region.

  4. David Rossiter

    Good to see another AR blog!  Look forward to reading you in future.

  5. James Barbour

    Great to have you on board – really enjoyed meeting you in London, and look forward to reading more.

  6. Heidi Schall

    I will try and add a little insight from Germany, Graham.

  7. Joshua Reynolds

    Thanks, all.  And thanks especially to Dominic Pannell for making this blog happen and for finally convincing me that it’s worthwhile to engage in this sort of digital dialogue.

  8. Barbara French

    Best wishes with the new blog.  I think many companies will benefit from the more open sharing of your expertise.  I hope it becomes a platform for debating and creating entirely new AR best practices concepts.

  9. vinnie mirchandani

    6 things

    a) welcome to blogging!

    b) hello from another Gartner alum

    c) good to see your readers put their names in comments. I do not udnerstand anon posts in tech. May be in politics. If you live in a repressive country.

    d) I hope you "let analysts be analysts". They are so conflicted at this point that their utility I would suggest has become castrated by aggressive AR management see


    5) Now that you recognize the power of blogging, help your clients discover the vast network of tech blogs. AR is fixated on traditional analysis and appears to be missing the shift to "open source analysis"

    6) time to shut up -)

  10. Carter Lusher

    Hi Josh, Dominic and H&K, Congrats on the launch of the new blog. Looking forward to some interesting insights. Cheers, -carter j

  11. ARonaut

    thanks for linking… and good luck!

  12. David Meerman Scott

    Congratulations on jumping into the blog thing. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Don’t forget to have fun!

    Cheers, David

  13. Catherine Helzerman

    Welcome to blogging… consider me subscribed.

  14. ARcade

    The best PR pitch I ever lost is a great little post by Steve Ellis over at Metia. I read it last week

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