AberdeenGroup given a new lease of life?

19 September 2006

The Boston Globe reported today on an announcement that Boston research firm AberdeenGroup has been acquired by Harte-Hanks, a “direct and targeted marketing company” based in San Diego.

The combination of analyst house and DM firm should prove to be an interesting one. Harte-Hanks is keen to let Aberdeen’s analysts loose on its Ci Technology Database™, which “tracks technology installations, business demographics, key IT decision
makers and planned purchases at more than 680,000 locations throughout
North America, Latin America and Europe.”

Clearly this could be powerful stuff, if, as is claimed, it allows AberdeenGroup to improve its business intelligence capabilities.

Although yet to be announced on AberdeenGroup’s website, you can read the press release on Harte-Hanks’ website.

Hat-tip to Reyne Quackenbush via the IIAR.

2 Responses to “AberdeenGroup given a new lease of life?”

  1. People Over Process

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  2. former ar guy

    the Ci database is not all that accurate. my company (software vendor) had 50,000 installed sites  in the US and the Ci database had about 500 of them.

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