IDC raises its voice in Germany

10 January 2007

IDC Germany has hired a new PR person. Actually the position had not existed before and PR for IDC Germany was handled by the marketing department. Edith Horton, who did a remarkable job over 18 months in positioning Experton - founded  by ex-Meta Group analysts - is now responsible for IDC’S PR in Germany and Switzerland.
Looks to me like an indication of a) the growing importance of the German market for analysts and b) the success of the smaller local analyst firms who managed to get quite a good share of voice in the German media.  It will be interesting to see how awareness and perception of IDC will develop.
P.S. I just heard that Dan Bieler, formerly telco specialist at Ovum, has taken up the position of Director Consulting, European Telecommunications & Networking at IDC in Germany.

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