Forrester Analysts to Author!

25 January 2007

One of our favorite Forrester analysts, Josh Bernoff, is taking time off to write a book with another favorite Forrester-ite, Charlene Li (who will continue to wear her analyst hat). What’s the subject of their book? Why social computing and Web 2.0 of course! They have set up a blog, called The Groundswell to provide updates on their project and hopefully provide commentary on all the Web 2.0 news that’s fit to blog about. Here at Hill & Knowlton we’ve worked with a number of social computing companies and we’re look forward to reading the book, which aims to help businesses understand this “spontaneous movement of people connecting, using online tools, taking charge of their own experience, and getting what they need – information, support, ideas, products, and bargaining power – from each other.”

We, as well as our clients, are particularly hopeful the book will help spell out the legacy that social networking will leave behind, and separate out fad and hype from lasting value. Seems like every other tech company out there has a social networking play these days, but only a few genuinely fit the model. We anticipate that Josh and Charlene’s book will help clarify the chaos. 

Good luck to Forrester analysts Brian Haven, Maribel Lopez, Charlie Golvin, JP Gownder (recent departure from Yankee Group), and Paul Jackson who will pick up Josh’s areas of coverage including the cable industry, HDTV, DVRs, and other gadgety fun. We look forward to seeing Josh weigh in if/when Steve Jobs takes up the recommendation to finally acquire TiVo!

Update, 01/26/07: We heard from JP Gownder who let us know that he actually left Yankee Group two years ago. He’s been consulting with Forrester over the last two years and is now a full-time analyst with the firm.


2 Responses to “Forrester Analysts to Author!”

  1. Josh Bernoff

    Thanks for taking note. Groundswell will indeed focus on real numbers, facts, and experience beyond the hype.

    James McQuivey has returned from BU to Forrester and will be picking up a lot of my TV coverage.

  2. JP Gownder

    I’ve actually been at Forrester for 2+ years on the consulting side, but I’m happy to be moving into a principal analyst role.

    Josh and Charlene are going to write a fantastic book!

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