AR Metrics: Cents and Sensibility

07 February 2007

It’s a pain AR professionals know well.  You’re just about to wrap up an absolutely brilliant AR plan.  It’s all incredibly progressive and strategic.  But how do you measure AR success–and market that success internally?

For many, this pain is more than an academic one.  All this talk of influence models and third-party validation is well and good, but it’s probably not enough to loosen the purse strings of a resource-constrained CMO. Want more AR budget?  It takes a number to secure a number. And it’s got to be better than “here’s how many analyst interactions we had last year.”

To that end, H&K has aggregated a list of the most common metrics found in the AR plans we’ve seen over the past four years.  Now that the 2007 AR planning season is drawing to a close (let’s be honest, folks, how many of you actually got a real plan done in December?), we think the topic is particularly timely.

If you would like a copy of the list, together with our guidance on how best to use each of the metrics, drop us a line at

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