Analyst movements: revolving doors and wireless technologies, Europe

27 April 2007

Just six months after leaving Frost & Sullivan to work with a subsidiary of EION Wireless, nGIN, Luke Thomas has returned to the fold.

His departure had left a Luke-sized hole in Frost’s European coverage, which he neatly fills.

Luke will be conducting primary research and consulting on WiMAX, VoWLAN, 3G LTE, 4G, femtocells, UMA, IMS, mobile messaging, mobile multi-media data applications, Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC), Unified Communications and Presence information primarily in the European market.

Over the next couple of months, he will be researching the following areas:

  1. Analysis of Next Generation Broadband Wireless Technologies in Europe
  2. Mobile WiMAX vs. 3G evolution in Europe
  3. Mobile Messaging Markets in Europe

 Welcome back, Luke!

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  1. David Rossiter

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  2. Dominic Pannell

    Sorry David.

    We recently upgraded our blogging technology… looks as though I’ve got a few things to learn.

    I’ll uncheck the ‘RSS extracts’ box. Let me know if it’s fixed when we next meet.

  3. Dominic Pannell

    August 17, 2007: I have removed a comment from this post because it was insulting to a third party and the commenter has removed any justification for his point of view from his own website.


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