UK Technology PR "Healthcheck" Survey

30 April 2007

I’m posting this with a degree of trepidation given the recent article by Berlecon analyst Dr. Andreas Stiehler criticising the way that many surveys are conducted (Heidi drew attention to the paper on this blog and it was subsequently translated by Duncan on his).

My colleagues in H&K’s UK PR team recently published a summary of the findings of a survey they ran at the end of 2006 asking in-house PR managers about their expectations for 2007. From my perspective, the results suggest that the immediate future is looking bright as 78% percent of respondents plan to maintain or grow PR budget levels and 15% consider adding Analyst Relations to their media relations efforts to be their key focus for the year.

This certainly seems to be borne out by what we’re seeing in the marketplace. Long may it last!

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  1. Duncan Chapple

    I love these surveys: Blackfriars, Inc., run one — and then also go back to see what really happened. Communications managers seem to be optimistic, so you can’t really take their estimates of grwoth seriously. However, they are still useful because the degree of optimism varies.

  2. Dominic Pannell

    Interesting tip, Duncan – it strikes me that it’s not a bad idea to revisit the results down the line. I’ll suggest it to the PR team.

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