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24 May 2007

Thanks to my colleague Jonathan Yarmis for flagging to the rest of the global team (I would have let him post about it, but right now ARcade is in danger of becoming the ‘Jonathan Show’ so I’m grabbing the opportunity).

All The Analysts is a new web-based search engine that claims to “search everything from the big industry firms, such as Gartner, down to specialist independent analysts to find the most relevant reports for your needs” – it’s free too, at least while it’s in development phase. “New services” are being worked on, however, and the implication is that some of these will require payment. Hopefully one future feature will be a date filter.

At first glance, it looks like a helpful tool to add to the analyst relations armoury. There’s not much information, however, on how the engine accesses analysts’ websites or how many it does, so the only way to gauge the completeness of its searching is to perform parallel searches, i.e. search on ‘ATA’ and search on research firms’ websites as well, which means it’s too early to make a recommendation to use it or not.

The few searches I’ve had time to run have returned reports published by Aberdeen, Datamonitor, Forrester, Gartner, IDC and Outsell, although I couldn’t find (an admittedly very recent) one by Datamonitor, whch suggests that there is a time lag between publication on an analyst firm’s website and ‘ATA’ picking it up.

I couldn’t find much information on who’s behind the search tool, either – something that always irritates me greatly. A WHOIS search (result below) reveals only that it’s being hosted in the UK, but that doesn’t mean much in these days of global business.

   Whois Server:
   Referral URL:
   Status: ok
   Updated Date: 17-feb-2007
   Creation Date: 07-feb-2007
   Expiration Date: 07-feb-2008

I for one hope that All The Analysts checks out since the task of searching on analysts websites, whether or not we subscribe to their research, is onerous; anything that cuts down on that task is welcome.

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  1. vinnie mirchandani

    It’s quite a simple concept really, and uses Google Co-op to create a custom search engine that just searches analyst’s websites.

  2. Dominic Pannell

    Thanks Niall. That won’t give access to password-protected websites though, would it?

    Actually, I ran another search this morning and it found a couple of reports/events that I’d missed to date (even though one of the links was dead, I was able to find the original). Good Stuff!

  3. Dominic Pannell

    It will only provide access to anything that Google already indexes.

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