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19 June 2007

A bit of fun from Jonny Bentwood over at Edelman’s AR practice: he’s put together a list of the top 50 analyst bloggers.

Now, some of the criteria strikes me as a little dodgy (mainly because the tools that measure blogs aren’t transparent) and Bloglines tells me that Nate Elliot has 179 subscribers, as opposed to James Governor’s 114, yet Jonny gives James the nod on that part of the survey, what’s more Mr Bentwood acknowledges there’s something fishy about Charlene Li’s place in the results, but it’s still interesting.

I’m a firm believer in having a go and then working to improve the quality of the results down the line (probably something to do with the anchoring and adjusting techniques I learned on my MBA). Jonny has made a first stab at measuring which analyst bloggers are influential and now it’s a question of fine-tuning. Personally I’m going to stick this under the noses of our Digital team and see what they make of it.

What’s particularly nice is that he’s giving away copies of his results. Thanks Jonny.

EDIT: It was remiss of me not to acknowledge that James (see his comment below) brought Jonny’s blog post to my attention. Thanks JG! /EDIT

3 Responses to “Top 50 analyst bloggers”

  1. James Governor

    yes the bloglines subs is a very very blunt instrument. I would expect Jonny to improve this over time, as you say anchor and adjust. thanks for introducing me to nate’s feed.

    it also strikes me that nate and charline, being social software bloggers, are of course likely to be linked to more than us redmonkers. not that we dont’ cover social software, but rather we have a wider and more enterprisey remit.

    i actually expect to lose my slot in the near future, but its good to see this engagement model at least being thought of.

  2. Dom Pannell

    You say that, JG, but neither Charlene nor Nate is as prolific a blogger as you. I met James Cherkoff this evening (nice fellow) and he referred to you, half-jokingly, as “the world’s most prolific blogger.” Coming from the author of that’s saying something!

  3. Jonny Bentwood

    Just a quick point on the methodology concerning bloglines. The good thing about this tool to measure subscribers is that it takes into account all feeds. In James’ case, he has 8 subscriber feeds – a sample of the numbers are below: – 252 – 6 – 14

    and so on. James’ total feeds came to 610, compared to Nate on 189.

    Hope this explains this a little better.

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