Video: Technology Influencer Survey: UK Results

23 July 2007

As promised, here is Mark Jackson’s presentation of the UK results of Hill & Knowlton’s 2007 survey of IT purchase decision-makers that was given on 20th June. Mark is the Managing Director of H&K’s UK Technologies Practice, which is based in London.

Due to the length of the presentation (just over 20 minutes) we have split it into three sections:

Section 1:


Section 2:


Section 3:


Slightly later than planned due to a mixture of editing hiccups and holidays, but I’m happy with the result.

If you are interested in reading more about the UK results of the survey, you can download the white paper that we wrote here. Mark and I are also more than happy to speak to you about the results. To arrange a chat, please call me on +44 20 7413 3106
or email dominic.pannell (at)

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  1. Carter Lusher

    Having seen the prior versions of this study — and knowing that the methodology is solid — I highly recommend watching the video and dowloading the white paper.

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