Kudos where it’s due

19 August 2007

The best PR pitch I ever lost is a great little post by Steve Ellis over at Metia. I read it last week but didn’t have time to post anything at the time and I just stumbled across it again. I like it largely because it’s so optimistic.

Sure, it’s describing a PR pitch rather than Analyst Relations, but I get involved in supporting plenty of PR pitches (as a bare minimum the AR team supplies H&K’s media relations teams with background information when they’re pitching for tech clients, making use of our access to research and our inquiry rights) and the clearer the brief the better.

As well as explaining why the experience of the pitch was so positive – mainly thanks to the quality of the client’s preparation – it seems that Steve and his team internalised the lessons they learned, I suspect to good effect. Too often, the pace of life in an agency means that people simply move on after a pitch (successful or not) without taking the time to think about what went right and wrong.

Hopefully in-house PR teams will read the post and take notes.

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