Social Media Club at H&K London

08 November 2007

Given my post last week, it’s rather timely that H&K will be hosting the London group of the Social Media Club at Soho Square next Thursday evening (15 November).

SMC’s events are fairly informal affairs, with discussion based around a specific social media theme. 

This month’s theme will be the love-hate relationship between PR and bloggers. Most of the attendees are bloggers/podcasters, so will undoubtedly have a point of view on how and if companies should be communicating with them. I’ll be there to represent the AR perspective, but it would be good to have more people along from the AR and industry analyst communities.

If you fancy an evening of healthy debate in the H&K bar on Soho Square, then you can sign up for the event for free here.

3 Responses to “Social Media Club at H&K London”

  1. Dominic Pannell

    any invitations to fly some of your colleagues in beijing for this? :P

  2. Dom Pannell

    I’m afraid not, Sheena. One of my team-mates is heading your way in a couple of weeks, though. I’ll see if she can take notes on the night and bring them out to Beijing ;-)

    I’ve just subscribed to Digital Nomad. I’ll read it with great interest as I’m fascinated by that part of the world and may well pop over for a visit some time.

    Maybe we should organise a global digital conference for H&Kers?

  3. Dom Pannell

    that global digital conf sounds really exciting – i heard that sthg might spring up from our recent tech summit at arizona, but not too sure what’s it going to be. i might just ask my director one of these days after his back from thailand (another tech meet). also – i will write sthg that’s related to china one day – as i’m still fresh in this massive market, i need to know what i’m talking about! thanks for the encouragement – looking forward to meeting your team-mate over here :)

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