Gartner’s got a brand new portal

29 January 2008

Apologies for the late start to 2008 – we’ve been busy in the London office and at least I got round to posting something in January!

The reason for breaking my silence? Well, I just tried to access my account and it appears to have taken me to a new portal. I still have the option of using ‘classic’ and to be honest, I will probably do just that for the time being until I find the time to explore the new site (it’s taking a while to load – hopefully this is just temporary).

Peter Sondergaard, the Gartner SVP responsible for the management and direction of worldwide research, said that exciting things were in store on Gartner’s website when he spoke at the IIAR just under a year ago. In fact, the timing is rather nice as Gartner will again address the IIAR on Thursday. Hopefully, we’re in for a run down of the new toys they’ve built for us.

It’s all such fun.

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