Latest news from Twitter: Forrester hires a Senior Analyst

27 June 2008

Peter Kim tweets that Forrester Research has filled a vacant position and will soon be announcing an analyst to cover social computing. Who says Twitter is useless?

Carter’s Analyst Twitter Directory currently lists 104 analyst accounts and that doesn’t include the AR folks who also use the medium.

Personally, I find Twitter to be a very useful tool for my work – it allows me to loosely follow several analysts whose work is highly relevant to my clients, thus keeping an eye on their current research interests and allowing me to flag interesting developments. I’m then able to act where necessary using more traditional communications methods (is it correct to refer to the phone and email as ‘traditional’, I wonder?).

Yes, it’s not all serious, yes I admit that I do tweet about rugby matches that I’m watching and yes, I have been known to tell my 81 followers what I’m eating. No, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

Nobody’s forcing to anybody to sign up. All I’m saying is that I find it helpful. 

4 Responses to “Latest news from Twitter: Forrester hires a Senior Analyst”

  1. James

    I’m still fairly ambivalent about Twitter, but I can certainly see where it has its uses.  I’m going to make more of an effort with it, probably in conjunction with starting a new work-oriented blog later in the year – watch this space.

  2. Carter Lusher

    Hi Dom, thanks for the link.

    I completely agree with you. Twitter is a very useful tool, but just one of many that analyst relations (AR) professionals now have at their fingertips. I think the problem occurs when something thinks about Twitter, blogs or whatever as something "special" rather than a simple tool to be used where appropriate.

  3. Pete

    Hi Dom – actually, the recruiting has just begun! Know any smart analyst-types? Like a Steven Noble perhaps…?

  4. Dominic Pannell

    Oops! Sorry Pete. I read your tweet as your having hired. Can I blame the 140 character limit? Does the successful candidate have to be based in Cambridge, MA, I wonder? If so, might Forrester assist with obtaining a green card, etc?

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