Mastering the Hype Cycle – new book by Gartner

17 September 2008

Gartner analysts Jackie Fenn and Mark Raskino have written a book on the Hype Cycle, which is the series of signature research that Gartner’s clients read the most.

Jackie created the first ‘Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies’ in 1995 and has been refining them in the 13 years since. In the original, the “Information Superhighway” was tumbling down towards the trough of disillusionment where handwriting recognition was already languishing and intelligent agents were at their most hyped. At H&K, we reckon Jackie was pretty much spot on.

Jackie and Mark have also started a blog around the launch of their book, which is worth reading as it already contains useful insights relating to various cycles.

Flatteringly, in their latest post Jackie references the Clean Tech Hype Cycle that Josh Reynolds published in June (and which I cross-posted here). As Jackie says, the
hype cycle really isn’t about technology, but about the human reaction
to anything new – in particular the mismatch between expectations and
we couldn’t agree more – we use hype cycles internally as a marketing planning tool in various divisions, whether or not they relate to technology.

We also debate hype cycles with clients who also subscribe to Gartner and can therefore access the reports – used carefully, this really helps both sides to understand the real business goals and to match communications objectives accordingly.

Personally, I can hardly wait to read the book, which I’ve had on pre-order for weeks now!

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  1. Carter Lusher

    Hi Dom, Just a heads up that part one of a two part review of "Mastering the Hype Cycle" has been published on the SageCircle blog:

  2. Dominic Pannell

    Great stuff, Carter. Thanks for the nod – I’ll go and read it now!

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