More layoffs – this time it’s Yankee Group (again)

15 January 2009

Emily Green, President and CEO of Yankee Group, has announced that the analyst firm has let a few more staff go, including analysts Daniel Taylor* and Jon Edwards. This follows a much bigger downsizing episode in August of last year, that Carter has detailed over at the SageCircle blog.


Hat tip to Carter for twittering this.

Kudos to Emily for being open about the lay-offs. Hopefully, Yankee Group is now in good shape going forward.

*Corrected as per the comment below.

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  1. Kudos to CEO Emily Green for transparency about latest Yankee Group job action « SageCircle Blog

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  2. Daniel Taylor

    my name is Daniel Taylor and not "Dan Taylor" as Shirley Macbeth incorrectly communicated. Thanks. Daniel

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