Mobile Device Market Driving Analyst Relations Interest in Asia Pacific Region

04 November 2009

Hi I’m Myrna Van Pelt, Head of Analyst Relations in the Asia Pacific region. I’m excited to join my colleagues on ARcade and present our view of the industry from our specific geographic viewpoint. My first post is about the excitement surrounding the wireless device market.

 APAC is a fascinating market, the pace of growth continues to defy all forecasts. Emerging markets such as India and China continue to confound with the sheer growth spikes as adoption of mobiles and specifically smartphones becomes more widespread. Surprisingly too, there’s an explosion of growth in emerging markets such as Indonesia as smartphones start to become the choice of device for youth as opposed to the traditional enterprise buyer, a shift clearly being driven by the huge popularity of the Facebook market and a social media-hungry user base.

Of late, the H&K AR team in APAC has experienced strong growth from clients for planning and execution of analyst relations. We have been working closely with mobile device manufacturers whose reach is expanding into the EMEA, UK and the US markets. Conversely, we’re also working with multinationals in the UK and EMEA regions who want to reach out to the Asia Pacific region so the parallel growth of these two areas is a strong driver for the growth of our practice.

This is good news and indicates that mobile device manufacturers are well and truly on the way to sharing their success and challenges in the market with a keen and attentive analyst community. There’s a leap of faith being shown in the process of analyst relations by those APAC markets who are starting to recognise that analysts can help to shift their position in the consideration set, and drive improved market capitalisation by raising awareness of their brand with this influential pool of thinkers.

Research firms in this region that are particularly well-recognised for their telco expertise include Ovum who has a formidable arsenal of analysts including the much quoted David Kennedy. Gartner’s well-respected mobility expert Robin Simpson is a much called-upon favourite for incisive analysis on all aspects of the mobile ecosystem.

Further, there’s evident growth with some of the firms such as Frost & Sullivan who are establishing a strong ICT footprint in the region and hiring a number of new analysts, including ex-Gartner staff to grow their research teams. Craig Baty, known to almost every vendor across the region, is now the global head of ICT based out of Sydney and brings both credibility and strength to the revitalised F&S operations in this region.

But back to mobile devices; it will be intriguing to watch the impact of smartphone penetration unfold across the mobile sector, both at the regional and the global level. Helping brands to navigate their way into the hearts and minds of the analysts will become increasingly important for these device manufacturers as adoption of smartphones starts to accelerate across all regions. H&K is at the forefront in driving outcomes for those clients. We are the only analyst relations firm in this market that has invested in fully fledged seats with the key research firms. This allows us to gather insight and critical market intel for those vendors wanting to take their place on the global stage. It’s an exciting time, and an exciting market. We’ll have much more to report on ARcade so watch this space!


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