Gartner Buys AMR: A Tasty Post-Thanksgiving Meal

01 December 2009

Big news broke this morning in the analyst relations world as Gartner announced plans to acquire AMR Research. Founded in 1986, AMR is an industry-recognized thought-leader in vertical industries (including automotive, manufacturing, and utilities), ERP and supply-chain advisory and research. The firm has done an admirable job establishing end-user peer forums, which bring together customers for member-led and analyst-facilitated teleconferences, summits, and webcasts. The deal is not particularly surprising as the two companies have been rumored to be in talks for the past few years.

The deal brings additional depth to Gartner’s vertical practices. Recently the relative strength of some of Gartner’s vertical groups has been in question among the AR community. Even as recently as Fall Symposium, Peter Sondergaard voiced Gartner’s intentions to strengthen certain of Gartner’s vertical practice areas and this deal is a strong move towards that goal. For AMR, the deal provides expanded global reach, research capabilities, and operational infrastructure. For customers of IT research advisory services it removes one alternative to Gartner which continues to dominate the landscape. Or there is the potential that the acquisition creates a vacuum and allows a smaller firm to raise its profile as an alternative to the Forrester/Gartner/IDC triumvirate.

It will be interesting to hear more details about the deal, including how much overlap exists between the two firms client-based. We will be attending Thursday’s Gartner AR Community Webinar teleconference to get the scoop.

We expect to see some layoffs or departures leading up to the closing of the deal. If you work with any AMR or related Gartner analysts, it would behoove you to reach out to them and your sales reps to get a temperature check on the deal and how it may impact your work with them. H&K AR is happy to provide additional assistance and guidance here.

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