Outsourcing AR

16 March 2010

Forrester’s Ellen Carney recently blogged about a bad experience she had during a start-up’s briefing to her. In this blog post [Outsourced AR Isn’t Making The Connection To Their Sales Enablement Value] she says: “When I asked the agency rep, who in this case had the title “Vice President and Group Director” what role they had in helping their client with the content, he told me that he just passed on to me what the client had sent to them.”

It’s probably not wise to abstract to all outsourced AR based on this lousy interaction. Is outsourcing AR to an agency team that doesn’t understand what analysts are looking for, doesn’t have inquiry access or doesn’t know how to use it a bad idea? Yes, that’s a bad idea. And it goes beyond inquiry access – if your agency doesn’t understand what analysts are looking for in a briefing and how to present information at various stages of interaction that should be a red flag.

But AR teams like the one at H&K – ones with paid-for access to analysts and their research – can ban incredible asset for analysts seeking to deepen relationships with vendors. By being advocates for analyst value, H&K has helped many analysts gain access to executives on high-value topics with many of our clients. It’s all about proving the win-win by showcasing the value analysts have in the form of insights as much as market impact.

While I agree that presentations need to appeal to an analyst at the phase of the relationship, many analysts I work with prefer the opportunity to show a value-add to deepen relationships with analysts. What has your experience been with analysts and sharing information before it is finalized? Would love to hear about your experiences.

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