A step in the right direction – my thoughts on the Forrester Acquisition

24 May 2011

Forrester’s acquisition of Springboard Research comes at an opportune time. The move finally confirms Forrester’s renewed foray into Asia Pacific by acquiring Springboard, a firm that has an established name as well as recognition in the region.

As the lead for Hill & Knowlton’s Analyst Relations offering in APAC, I welcome the news. With clients in the IT, telecommunications and financial services sector, I am constantly on the lookout for more region specific research, particularly on markets like Australia, China and India. While we have other leading analyst firms covering this space, I say the more the merrier! There is still a hunger for insights that showcase an on-the-ground understanding of trends, vendors and customers from Asia Pacific.

No doubt, Forrester has a lot to gain from this acquisition. Springboard will definitely add to the allure of Forrester’s offering here as it has been having conversations with APAC CIOs for a long time.

Springboard has a strong understanding of not only the region, but that of the vital government IT sector as well. What we can expect to see is more than just a focus on numbers but deeper insights from stalwarts like Springboard’s CEO, Dane Anderson and Vice President, John Brand.

With the announcement having recently been made, Forrester has been quick to include joint Springboard research on its site. One that I have already found quite useful is The Asia Pacific IT Market Comes of Age by Tim Sheedy (Forrester) and Dane Anderson (Springboard)*. The report covers how Asian economies are growth engines for IT vendors. It also reaffirms the growth in IT budgets in China and India. A very interesting report and one which I recommend others to read/buy, particularly those who want to get a snapshot into the high growth markets in Asia.

I can only see the best of two worlds being combined under the acquisition, and look forward to seeing more region focused research coming out from Forrester in the coming months.

*The link to the report: http://www.forrester.com/rb/Research/asia_pacific_it_market_comes_of_age/q/id/59206/t/2

2 Responses to “A step in the right direction – my thoughts on the Forrester Acquisition”

  1. Jörn

    Great to see context for this ‘happening’ in the industry. Rather than it being a consolidation it looks like this will now make for aother global brand having local expertise – which drives local competition. Also, is this another sign of the centre of market gravity shifting to this side of the planet?

  2. nadiahabibcoelho

    Thanks Jörn. It could very well be the case as further conversations I have had with other analyst firms has revealed that there is an increased focus and investment into thinking global and acting local in different countries in APAC. China and India are the hotbeds for market trends. Research that was once relevant for MNCs is now focused on catering to home grown demand and queries from the local government and corporate sector.

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