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Both financial analysts and industry analysts were invited to the two-day event on-site and at a nearby hotel. H&K supported AR efforts during the event, overseeing the analyst roundtables and accompanying the 25 industry analyst that attended the show, including key business watchers from Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Ovum, Yankee and CCS Insights.

A cocktail reception the night prior to the Investor Day was held at the company’s headquarters, which allowed me the rare opportunity to meet analysts I’ve only ever spoken to over the phone. What an experience it was to finally put a face to a name I’ve seen on bylines of research reports and whose bios I’ve read to the point of memorization. While meeting through face-to-face interactions is essential to building strong analyst relationships, many often settle for periodic phone calls and exchanging long email chains. I took advantage of the chance to check out the various product demos, ask detailed questions to the execs, and helped myself to the catered food at the event. After tasting the first bite of lamb shank, I began to think analyst life wasn’t half bad after all.

The following day, the Investor Day presentations took place at a local swanky hotel. Executive roundtables for industry analysts followed the general session allowing analysts to get a deeper dive into their research areas with business unit executives. Hearing executives outline their strategy and products first-hand was enlightening, but interacting live with some of my favorite analysts was the icing on the cake.

What surprised me the most was how down to earth everyone was. Not to downplay their influence in the market, but I came to the realization that while analysts may make their living off understanding back-end technologies and wireless spectrums, they still share similar interests with you and I. I thoroughly enjoyed conversations around vacation plans and debates over the best local steak houses, but the epiphany really hit me when a flood of analysts rush off to watch Game Two of the World Series at the conclusion of the event.

Most interesting of all was observing the analysts interact with one another, especially those from competing firms and different coverage areas. Here I expected analysts to feel more of a rivalry between firms, but I didn’t sense anything other than the friendliest of competition when over 20 analysts from different firms piled into a banquet room to mingle with each other and product execs. I noticed analysts from the various firms greeting one another as if they were long time friends – and some are. At that point it became clear just how small the analyst community really is.

Over a dozen executive handshakes, a pocketful of analyst business cards, and a couple foot blisters later, I got a glimpse into a day of analyst life and both the work and play that accompanies it.


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H&K to host the IIAR Christmas drinks this Thursday Mon, 01 Dec 2008 18:41:00 +0000 Dominic Pannell The 2008 IIAR (Institute of Industry Analyst Relations) Christmas drinks will be from 6:00 p.m. on December 4th in H&K’s (in)famous company bar in Soho Square.


The full address is:

    Hill & Knowlton

    20 Soho Square, London

    W1A 1PR

    Map link

Agi, Alexia and I hope to see as many AR folks as possible, to kick off the festive season!

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Exciting news Wed, 09 Apr 2008 14:12:00 +0000 Dominic Pannell H&K’s global AR team has quite a lot of exciting news to announce, but while we’re waiting for that, I thought I’d point out that H&K UK has a new website.

It’s quite a lot zippier than the last version and I even had a new photo taken for it. A prize for the avid reader who finds it in the shortest time!

[Clue: it's only one click away from the homepage]



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H&K UK Strengthens Analyst Relations Offer Thu, 22 Nov 2007 16:13:00 +0000 Dominic Pannell As I mentioned previously, we’ve been working hard in the London AR
team and that’s reflected in the fact that the team is growing – we’re delighted
to announce the appointment of Marc Duke and Agnieszka Augustyniak.

Marc joined the team as a senior consultant in
September and has been bringing his analytical skills to bear on several
accounts. With ten years AR experience gained working at both vendors and agencies,
he is well-known and highly respected in the AR community, having excellent
contacts and broad experience. Marc will be instrumental in continuing to build
our business and is helping us to expand the AR practice into a broader
influencer proposition enabling it to cross-sell into industries outside

Agnieszka also joins the team as a consultant.  Agnieszka joins H&K from the AR team at Tata
Consultancy Services (TCS).  Agnieszka
will help to ensure H&K execute AR programmes across existing accounts.
Moreover, her first-hand experience of working in a major outsourcing company is
already proving invaluable with our current client base.

H&K UK will continue to expand the proposition and
to convert business from existing PR accounts, working closely with the rest of
our global team.  The practice aims to
hire another full-time dedicated AR consultant early next year.

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