ARcade » GigaOM Weblog maintained by Hill+Knowlton Strategies\' global Analyst Relations team. Wed, 30 Nov 2011 02:40:13 +0000 en hourly 1 GigaOM Continues to Innovate Wed, 13 Jan 2010 23:24:34 +0000 Jay Andersen GigaOM Pro made another interesting announcement today when it unveiled a program targeted specifically at Analyst Relations professionals. Their new program gives verified AR pros complimentary accounts and full access to market research and reports. The program also allows AR folks to communicate directly with world-class analysts on reports about their companies. I view the news as a positive sign for the AR profession as GigaOM appears to recognize the critical role that AR can play in raising the profile and business value of analyst research, and the importance of strengthening the relationship between AR and analysts.

The move reminds me of RedMonk’s open-source business model, but GigaOM looks to be taking it a step further with the inclusion of analyst interaction. The likely aim is to develop strong and lasting relationships with vendors with the hope of engaging them in consulting gigs. If you are an AR pro I can’t think of any reason to not take advantage of this offer as GigaOM is producing some interesting research on cloud, green, mobile, and the digital home. They are also building an impressive roster of analysts including Clint Wheelock, Rachel Happe, Dan Taylor, and Chetan Sharma.

The devil will be in the details but it will be interesting to see how GigaOM rolls this out!

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