Creative communication – and our new secret sauce

24 June 2009

IABC’s CW Magazine often contains some excellent articles, and today I read one from Steve Crescenzo, whom I’ve been following for the better part of a decade now. Steve’s article is about the need to start adding creativity to communication – essentially, replace the “corporate” part of communications (and all of the dreadful corporate-speak it represents) with “creative” and start sticking up for not doing the same old things the same old way.

And oooh, boy, did it ever stir up memories of communications materials being derailed by executives who thought themselves better equipped to write or edit then their own communications team.  Jargon, acronyms, really, any sentence involving the words “synergies” or “leverage” or “cost effectiveness” sticks us all back in the dark hole we’ve tried so hard to get out of. Problem with holes is sometimes the effort involved to climb out is just not worth it…

What is making all of this so interesting is social media. Now, everyone gets a voice. An opinion. And guess what? Some of the user-generated content is better than what the official news release or note to staff say. More targeted, relevant and heaven forbid, easier to understand. As Steve so rightly points out in his article, podcasts do not exist for the CFO to read, verbatim, the most recent earnings statement. With all the tools at our disposal, can we not be more creative than that?

David Jones, Vice-President of Digital Technology and I are in the early stages of pulling together a smart and engaging offer for clients that encourages them to come talk to us about their change & internal and digital points of pain (more on that later). We understand that sometimes it’s hard to get out of the hole. Or even figure out where to start. So we want to provide our clients with what David calls our “secret sauce”. Time well spent with us so that we can assist in putting the “creative” back into communications and open the flow and exchange of information.

What we will be offering may not be a panacea, but should hopefully help people find their voice, speak up for changes, and start considering new tools that will allow for better cooperation, coordination, collaboration and yes, even communciation. It needn’t be a dirty word!

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