5 social media trends to watch: Steve Rubel

03 October 2009

I was invited to attend the IAB MIXX Canada event in Toronto and had the pleasure of seeing Edelman Digital’s Steve Rubel present a fascinating overview of five trends that he sees having a tremendous impact on how brands will connect to consumers over the next few years:

  1. Media reforestation – media moves from analog to digital
  2. Satisfaction guaranteed – PR and customer care blend
  3. Less is the new more – friends as news filters
  4. Corporate all-stars – passionate employees can connect with customers
  5. The power of pull – create content that can be discovered

Steve’s brief slide deck brings the trends to life:

Most social media observers would find it hard to argue with any of these trends.  While I depart from Rubel’s on some of the Satisfaction Guaranteed thinking, (I’m not a fan of promoting Twitter as a customer care avenue) I firmly support the idea that organizations will have to evolve the idea of customer service/complaints, HR, IR, PR and Marketing as the world moves from mass media to mass conversation.

A lot of folks have forgotten that Steve was a proto-podcaster way back when.  He co-hosted the original weekly 30-minute Across The Sound Marketing PR podcast with Joe Jaffe. Steve wasn’t at Edelman back then and Jaffe had yet to found crayon.  Suffice to say, Inside PR was inspired by ATS, so I took the opportunity to sit down with Steve for a few minutes to record a “4Q” interview for an upcoming Inside PR podcast episode.  Stay tuned for that. It’ll be great to here Rubel’s voice on a PR podcast again.


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