NFL Fantasy Football… Web tutorial for the ages

posted by Brendan Hodgson

So there’s a group of current and ex-H&Ker’s who were recently asked — dare I say coerced — by our head of crisis communications to join her NFL Fantasy Football league. She’s a Bill’s season tickets holder so is clearly a glutton for punishment.

But Brendan, what do you know about Football (or sports of any kind), you might ask knowingly? Very little, I would reply, though more than some who are now languishing in the cellar with an 0-5 record… Jackie, you know who you are. And like me, there are others within the “league” who are equally – if not more so – ignorant of the gridiron…

But I digress… You see, as I currently sit here congratulating myself on my lowly yet respectable 2-3 record, I have come to the realization that NFL Fantasy Football is accomplishing what hours, days, and weeks of lunch n’ learns and group meetings hasn’t – which is to convince the uninitiated within our own office that the web is a powerful tool for influencing, engaging, educating and informing the masses. Of the 12 ‘players’ in our Fantasy Football League, three of them are known luddites… and yet here they are… scooping up free agents, trading players, and talkin’ smack… all online. A far cry from the glazed eyeballs and impatient looks at watches that I’m used to.

Bottom line… the next time my boss asks me to do a presentation on how the Internet is changing the way we communicate, I’m going to sign ‘em up to a Fantasy league…

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