Taking social media beyond product marketing…

posted by Brendan Hodgson

This week we’re pitching/strategizing a social media program for an international client. What’s interesting is that this program does not fall into the traditional product marketing communications sphere that we normally associate such programs with.  

That my colleagues in H&K Canada who are leading this process had the vision to see, and champion, the potential for social media is encouraging and a clear demonstration that we’re collectively starting to ‘get it’ – even those in a non-marketing capacity, as there are several components to this gig that will require initiating a dialog with government and other community advocates.

The program itself will look to target a variety of blogging demographics within a specific geographic area (sorry Niall, but I do believe listening to – and targeting - bloggers in a specific geographic market does have merit), drive awareness and dialog across a variety of issue-specific themes around culture and community (near and dear to the hearts of many, particularly when large sums of money are at stake), engage people to take specific actions, while also allowing us to create more ‘meat’ for the media based on the dialog this program is seeking to initiate. We’ll also be using a micro-site by which to channel our clients messages and amplify the dialog.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the client responds to our presentation, and will be keeping my fingers crossed.

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Niall Cook

Oh I believe that too, Brendan, as long as you have a good reason. The problem is that I see too many clients with the wrong reason.

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