Changing the public face of public relations

posted by Brendan Hodgson

Fast Company’s blogging of the 2006 Corante Innovative Marketing Conference, highlighted some excellent points re. the evolving nature of the PR profession: 

Some examples:

‘Be more honest and open… “The message that things didn’t go as well as planned is a shocking statement for a company to say, but it’s an honest statement…[companies should] show some humbleness but have confidence that the purity of that [humbleness] message should resonate,” said panelist John Moore.’

‘The bottom line is that there’s a danger that the changing face of communications is pushing PR toward irrelevancy, cautioned panelist Neville Hobson. What PR doesn’t seem to get is that they can no long completely control all of the messages nor all of the channels through which the messages are communicated.’

‘But at the same time PR people are not exerting control where they can — over themselves and the *way* they do things. Said Shel, “The public side of public relations is changing for sure, because the public is changing…but in a lot of the organizations where the CEO is blogging in most cases it’s not the public relations department that’s driving that, it’s the desire of the CEO, or the new media department.”

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