MSN, Blogs & Bridge… No Dummy’s Here

posted by Brendan Hodgson

A colleague of ours in H&K Canada is an enthusiastic fan of MSN Bridge, an internet version of a popular card game with a passionate following, including Mr. Gates himself.

A while ago, MSN indicated that they were moving to a pay-to-play system and retiring the free version, which resulted in a vocal outcry from players, including my colleague who took it upon herself to organize fellow players to petition MSN, who contacted sponsors, and who created a blog to talk about the issue, but more importantly to keep in touch with all the friends she had made over the years playing internet bridge. Her story was extremely touching, given the very close friends she has made, and feared losing, when the pay-per-play system was introduced. However, the end result was good news for her and her fellow players (see note below).

Update/Correction from my colleague:  MSN didn’t actually indicate they were moving to pay-to-play, that was more speculation among her group. What MSN did indicate was that the system was being retired.

I speak often to colleagues about social media and the power of the Internet to drive change. But, more often than not, it is stories and “small” victories like these, that they experience themselves, that is the real driver of change:

Bridge on MSN Games

To our MSN Game Players:

As of June 19, 2006, MSN Games retired a series of classic games and features, including a few card, board, and CD-Rom games. This decision allows us to focus on growing and diversifying the gaming experience that our community has come to rely on for the last decade.

We have received an overwhelming response from the community about the retirement of these games, particularly Bridge. As a result, we’ve made the decision to keep Bridge available on our site for everyone to continue playing. We are currently working on a new Bridge game that will be available this summer.

When the time comes to make the change to our new Bridge, we’ll provide advance notice to you, our community.

MSN Games Team

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