What’s in a name?

posted by Brendan Hodgson

My name is Brendan, but I have likely forgotten yours.

It is a failing, I admit. Does that make me a bad communicator? I think so. It sits alongside the ‘listen don’t talk’ and ‘maintain constant eye contact’ rules for effective relationship building. And although my wife and I have a set procedure when socializing which requires that I proactively introduce myself to someone she knows (but whose name she cannot remember) if she hasn’t made the introduction within about 5 seconds, and she likewise, that safety cushion doesn’t exist when I’m flying solo.

So thanks Merlin for this.



Ryan Anderson

I try to be good about remembering names, but I know it’s hard sometimes.  As a result, I never expect anyone to remember my name if I’ve only met them once – but when someone remembers my name after talking to them briefly a few months back, my respect for them instantly goes up.



Ed Lee

try starting a new job.  i was at my last job for almost a month before i even had a half a clue about who people were!

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