New Canadian Blogging Study…

posted by Brendan Hodgson

More fodder for your Powerpoint presentations… Environics has just released a study on the habits of connected Canadians and social media. The highlights:

…one third (32%) of all Canadians who are online are active social media participants, meaning they have read blogs in the past three months.

While only seven per cent say they have written their own blogs and nine percent have posted to others’ blogs, the proportion of those who partake in either activity is 12 per cent. This indicates that for about two-thirds of the Canadian blogging community, blogging is a two-way street that is poised to grow even more as an outlet of consumer connectivity.

The incidence and frequency of blog activity is considerably higher among Canadian youth between the ages 18 and 24, more than half of whom (51 per cent) read blogs. Nearly one-quarter (22 per cent) author their own blogs, and a further 23 per cent contribute to others’.

(And the most interesting stat to me…) 24 per cent of online Canadians older than 55 are reading blogs.



Niall Cook

I’m interested to read that the only criteria for being an "active social media participant" is that you’ve read a blog in the past three months.

Kind of like saying that I’ve delivered value to my clients just by turning up for work.

I haven’t read the full study, but from this extract it doesn’t seem that the findings and conclusions are very well connected.



Brendan Hodgson

I pondered that one myself. Although, I guess you have to put a stake in the sand somewhere, and (similar caveat aside re. not seeing the full study) maybe it allowed for a more meaningful outcome. It’ll be interesting to see if others have similar thoughts.



Ian Ketcheson

Thanks for posting this up, Brendan.  Useful for decks.

But, I agree with Niall that the findings are presented in a disjointed manner, and "active social media participant" is weak. I also hope the research linked social media consumption to MSM consumption.

The jumping back and forth between "number of Canadians" and "number of online Canadians" also made be dizzy.  That first paragraph in "Gen-B and beyond" really hurt my brain, and I had to read it three times before I decoded the gist.

Useful research. I just hope the report reads better than the release.




Thank you for linking to that release; I have been looking for it for a while, trying to compare–a first study has been done in Romania as well, this year.

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